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1SaveSorb is an industry-leading, all-natural oil and chemical absorbent. It’s less expensive and dramatically more effective than any clay, cellulose, or silica based absorbent on the market today.

The key ingredient in SaveSorb is formulated peat that has been dried, blended, sifted, and ph balanced to produce the best oil absorbent available.

SaveSorb won’t just pick up oil like a sponge or paper towel, it will actually absorb and encapsulate the oil molecules. Due to this full absorption, SaveSorb will not leach the absorbed product even
when under pressure or exposed to water. Due to this non-leaching characteristic, SaveSorb has passed the US Federal and CA State non-hazardous landfill requirements for a number of products (e.g. motor oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline). SaveSorb is also hydrophobic which means that it will float on water and can be used to take oil or fuel off of the surface of water.

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