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CompassTrac: The Most Reliable, Flexible, Interoperable Viewing Solution to Track Vehicles and High Value Assets on the Market

CompassTrac is the client software for the CompassLDE server software. As the mobile resource management component of the AVL system, CompassTrac displays the location and status of vehicle or other assets on a digital map in real-time. CompassTrac can be configured with any industry standard formatted map data. This solution provides digital or hard copy reports of fleet performance.


  • Tracks vehicles on commercially available digital maps or the customers GIS data
  • Displays vehicle positions, speed, heading and status in real-time
  • Locates addressess
  • Places map pins at user-definable locations (E911 callers, job sites, incidents, road closures, ect.)
  • Supports computer aided dispatch system integration
  • Provides map zoom and pan capabilities
  • Provides audible and visible alarms based on discrete inputs
  • Supports geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Replays vehicle activity from user-defined date and time
  • Uses industry standard shapefiles for map display
  • Connects to multiple CompassLDE servers simultaneously
  • Displays incident location and status
  • Supports two-way text messaging
  • Comes with an integrated reporting module
  • Display satellite and aerial imagery in compressed & uncompressed formats
  • Mobile version of application also available, CompassTrac Mobile


  • Increase command and control
  • Monitors employee and contractor performance
  • Increases fleet efficiency and reduces cost
  • Allows dispatching of vehicles to jobs and/or incidents based on their tru location and status
  • Increases driver saftey
  • Reduces responces time
  • Utilizes current investment in GIS data
  • Provides support for training exercises
  • Most flexible and affordable mobile resource management solution in the industry
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