MAHA Shop Equipment

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MAHA Shop Equipment from MS Foster

MS Foster is proud to offer MAHA’s premium workshop equipment. The MAHA line of equipment is built for superior vehicle lifting systems in both heavy duty and automotive formats. Built in Alabama, the MAHA line of lifting systems from MS Foster offer shops an innovative and safe solution for all their lifting requirements.

With the MAHA line of premium shop equipment from MS Foster, you can care for and lift your shop vehicles with confidence knowing our lifts are built with superior quality. The lifts are built to outlast the competition with ball-screw technology that has been trusted in high-precision markets for decades, allowing each column to operate smoothly and consistency with over 90% efficiency. The lifts are further designed with an “I-beam” support column that makes MAHA the only, one-piece “I-beam” on the market because unlike the competition, we don’t have welding seams, making our lift more secure and rigid by eliminating weak points for mechanical failure.

Built for Safety

Safety is key, which is why MAHA’s lift system is redundant – equipped with a wedge lock and industrial strength brakes on each column. The MCL lift series comes with a variety of capacity options ranging from 12,000 pounds per column to 18,000 pounds per column with an easy to operate LED display and automatic synchronization features to keep the lift level and secure at all times.

Maximize Vehicle Operations

MS Foster also carries the full line-up of MAHA jacks and shop equipment to maximize vehicle maintenance operations and improve overall vehicle efficiency, to get your equipment back up and running sooner. To ensure your vehicles are running smoothly, MS Foster also sells the MAHA line of testing and diagnostics, including brake testers, complete safety test lanes, dynamometers, and diagnostic and emission testing devices. We are proud to offer additional wheel service equipment from MAHA for the next generation of wheel service equipment for cars, motorcycles, and heavy duty vehicles.

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