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MISCO Digital Refractometer

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Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer

MS Foster is proud to offer the next generation digital handheld refractometer, featuring sapphire optics, a stainless steel well, digital accuracy, and a large LCD display.

This top-of-the-line digital refractometer provides laboratory precision and the price of a traditional analog refractometer. The Palm Abbe, made by MISCO, is simple to use, fast, and convenient. To use, you simply put a drop of fluid in the well, place the cover over the sample to allow temperature equalization, and press “go” on the keypad. The built-in microprocessor provides an immediate read-out in refractive index, degrees Brix, or one of a thousand different units of measurement. These options allow you to read the data and measurements in the units you prefer.

The automatic non-linear temperature compensation ensures that fluids read between 0 and 50 °C are precise.

Further featuring a dual-line LCD display, the refractometer provides a dim light and has a simple user interface with two buttons. One to take readings and the other to walk through the menu options. Its lightweight and compact size means you can use the system for extended periods of time.

MS Foster understands the types of environments these systems are used in. We’re offering the MISCO Palm Abbe because of its strong plastic enclosure, which protects the refractometer from unwanted liquid and dust penetration. Further, the carefully developed prism cover guards the sapphire measuring surface from damage and allows the system to be used inside or in direct sunlight.

The Palm Abbe system offered by MS Foster is ideal for winter applications to accurately test salt-brine solutions. The digital refractometer requires only two drops of the salt-brine solution to determine the sodium chloride salt-bring saturation or freezing point. With the Palm Abbe system, you get clear results, quickly!

The Palm Abbe system by MISCO is ready to use in seconds and is powered by two AAA batteries. Are you looking for precise refractometer results without breaking the bank? Get your Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer from MS Foster today.

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