Bee Line Mobile Alignment System – LC7550

  • Mobile Computer Alignment System
  • Measure Toe, Caster, Camber, KPI and Steering Stops
  • Built-in Calibration
  • Laser Accuracy

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The LC7550 mobile computer alignment station was designed around the mobile tech who needs to offer alignment services while at a customers location.

This powerful mobile system includes everything that you need to get started doing front end alignments on your customer’s or fleet’s vehicles. Using a combination of laser and physical measurements the LC7550 is capable of reading all of your front end measurements including toe, camber, caster, KPI and steering stops. Bee Line’s uses tighter specs than the manufacturers to ensure that every truck that gets a Bee Line alignment goes down the road better than the day that it was new. Adding a tandem aligner (22000) gives your Beeline computer system the ability to preform a complete vehicle alignment.

As the service industry shifts to a more mobile format with mobile tire services being more common by the day and more fleets expecting maintenance to be performed on site, Beeline’s mobile alignment system is an easy to transport option for professional results in the field.

With over 100-years in the alignment space, Bee Line knows what it takes to align a commercial vehicle and provides products that are built to stand up to the test of time.


  • Mobile Alignment Computer with Laptop
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • (1) Set of wheel mounts
  • (1) Pair of front alignment heads
  • Necessary cables and chargers included



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