The Leader in Industrial Vibration

Cougar Industries, Inc. patented the world’s first 12-volt truck vibrator in 1964. Since that time, industrial vibrators have been the central focus and have made the Cougar name synonymous with exceptional quality products, workmanship and service support. Heavy-duty Cougar vibrators reflect our on-going commitment to provide customers with the most rugged and reliable industrial vibrators on the market today.

Whether designed at our facility in Peru, IL, or a result of an acquisition of a complimentary brand such as Northern Vibrator and Branford Vibrator, we provide a complete range of flow-aid products including rotary electric and hydraulic, pneumatic piston, ball, ring and turbine industrial vibrators; air cannons; bin aerators; and heavy-duty storage bin cleaning devices such as the Gyro-Whip and Power Lance. Cougar vibrators are currently performing on stationary vibratory tables, compactors, feeders, hoppers and dribble chutes, as well as a wide range of truck, rail car, concrete and construction applications all over the world.

Let our experienced personnel recommend the right device to keep your material moving.

The complete line of rugged, durable Cougar Truck Vibrators offers the following features that make Cougar the leading Truck Vibrators:

  • Easy, low-cost installation.
  • Shielded, oversized, permanently lubricated ball bearings that assure exceptional service life.
  • Sealed against dirt, dust, and water for long life in extreme conditions.
  • Small size and weight with high-speed, low-amp electric motors.

With 45 years of quality, reliable performance and service in the Truck Vibrator business, we are the leaders in understanding the evidence that shows you need Cougar Truck Bed Vibrators on your mobile product.

  1. Repairs needed on truck brakes
  2. Repairs needed to damaged truck clutches
  3. Truck transmission problems
  4. Damage to tailgates from rocking the truck to empty the load
  5. Damage to truck bed surfaces from backhoes removing material not dumped

Adding Cougar Truck Bed Vibrators will not only save you money on costly repairs to your trucks, it will increase productivity by eliminating carry-back. This will give you more payload per cycle and fewer cycles per job. Fewer cycles in return will give you lower labor and fuel costs and decrease your vehicle wear.

Other benefits you will notice will be the material being evenly distributed when spreading. You will save elimination of truck bed cleanout time and lower workman compensation claims by personnel because they will no longer be required to climb into the truck beds for clean out.

Cougar Truck Vibrators just make it all so much easier!