RotoGrip Automatic Tire Chains From MS Foster & Associates, Inc.

Why Choose RotoGrip

RotoGrip offers three unique systems to fit a wider range of vehicles than other automatic tire chain manufacturers. With systems for vehicles with and without on-board air RotoGrip has a solution. The RotoGrip system uses pre-tensioned springs to give a smoother ride which causes less wear on both the vehicle, tires and RotoGrip system.

Benefits of Automatic Tire Chains

Automatic tire chains offer the same benefits of traditional tire chains without the need to get out of the cab to throw chains. With the flip of an in-cab switch, automatic tire chains use an air cylinder to deploy a chain wheel that continuously throws chain strands under the tires while the vehicle is in motion. The ability to activate automatic tire chains while on the move saves the driver time and keeps them off the side of the road with the danger of passing vehicles.

Are Automatic Tire Chains Legal?

RotoGrip is recognized as a DOT legal alternative to standard automatic tire chains. Please check the laws in your area for any exceptions.

Will RotoGrip Fit My Vehicle?

RotoGrip will fit most vehicles ranging from light-duty to commercial vehicles. RotoGrip has solutions for vehicles with and without on-board air including vehicles with low clearance. For more information on vehicle fitment please call us at 219-879-9225.


One thing that makes RotoGrip stand out from the rest is their serviceability. The RotoGrip system offers replacement parts for the most common wear items on their system. A great example of this is the replaceable rubber on the systems chain wheel. The rubber on the chain wheel is one of the first items to wear out due to contact with the sidewall of the tire. RotoGrip allows you to replace just the rubber piece preventing the cost of replacing the entire chain wheel when the rubber wears out.