MS Foster is proud to carry American Signal Company’s line of portable arrowboard panels, featuring an all LED 15- or 25-lamp trailer mounted display. The boards from American Signal Company through MS Foster are equipped with high wattage solar panels and a low maintenance battery bank. These arrow board panels are ideal for promoting motorist awareness and maintaining work zone safety in both highway and urban scenarios. 

The portable arrow board panels come standard with:

  • A one-mast structure for easy transport
  • A heavy-duty steel frame
  • Superior footprint for maximum deployed stability
  • Power management capable of operating over 50 days on batteries
  • A simple and secured hand-held controller in a lockable cabinet

The signs are available in two sizes: 3 feet x 6 feet or 4 feet by 8 feet to ensure visibility with flashing and sequential arrows, a double arrow, flashing and sequential chevrons, a caution bar, cation beacons, and alternate diamonds.

If you don’t see a model listed give us a call!

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Additional features can be added, including:

  • Wireless controller
  • Multiple towing hitch options
  • Expanded battery bank for greater run-time
  • Colored trailer options
  • Tandem towing package
  • Security measures, including locking lug nuts and a cabinet hidden clasp lock 

Contact us today to find out how you can maintain work zone safety and enhance motorist awareness.