MS Foster is proud to offer the line of Zone Defense camera systems. These diverse camera systems are found across the transportation industry, from first responder vehicles to waste management to buses, delivery services, RVs, and general construction and municipal vehicles.
Built to last with the latest technology and an affordable price point, Zone Defense from MS Foster is ideal for accident avoidance. The camera systems are constructed from high quality components and can easily installed with little impact on your fleet maintenance team.

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The Zone Defense accident avoidance systems from MS Foster come with three camera inputs, touch panel control buttons, and a built-in trigger to switch to reverse, left or right side camera views. The image can be adjusted for horizontal, vertical, mirror, and normal viewing with language displays in English, French, Spanish, and more. With screens from 5 inches to 7 inches or 9 inches and rugged and mobile digital wireless systems, MS Foster has what you need for accident avoidance from Zone Defense.


MS Foster’s line of Zone Defense also provides options for advanced vehicle solutions, including live tracking asset management, mobile digital video recorders, MDVR monitors, and multiplexers. The ZD Track for live tracking asset management is a self-contained, self-powered locator with monitoring tools designed for discrete tracking on containers, trailers, mobile equipment, tools, heavy machinery, boats, and more. The secure, user-friendly web portal allows the user to configure the number of reports or alarms on individual units.
The ZoneDefender is the ideal solution for recording both the driver and the event with front and driver facing cameras. The ZoneDefender is made for capturing traffic accidents and understanding what happened not only outside the vehicle, but also inside with high resolution and night vision capabilities.

The MDVR Monitor is a durable, easy to use 4 camera system with an 8 inch smart touch screen. The monitor system allows you to record video and save events as they happen for easy retrieval. You can play back the videos directly on the monitor, or download them to your PC with the included software, which displays additional information on GPS location using Google maps.