GL1000 BROCHURE_20160727_Page_2_Image_0001LaserLine GL1000 Walk Behind Laser Guide Paint Striping System

The LaserLine GL1000 is a walk behind laser guide paint stripping system, which eliminates the need for string and chalk lines, providing you with a faster, reliably straight line with less man power. The GL1000 was designed for walk behind line paint striping machines to increase productivity and enable paint striping jobs to be completed day or night through the use of an easy to see laser.

ruggedLaserLine 1700 Start-Stop Walk-Behind Laser Guidance System

With the LaserLine GL1700, you can precisely locate start and stop points on walk-behind paint stripers for a more accurate, faster, and rugged model of paint striping laser guidance systems. The GL1700 system eliminates guess work and features a 5/8 mounting bracket with quick disconnect, enabling you to attach it to virtually any walk-behind machine in minutes.

highway-paint-striping-laser-mountLaserLine GL3000P Paint Striping Guidance Laser

The GL3000P Paint Striping Guidance Laser with remote in-cab line adjust uses an ultra-high visibility green laser to establish visual line control for the vehicle driver. The GL3000P can be used for highway paint striping by asphalt distributors, road wideners, pavement profilers, or by virtually any application requiring vehicle line control. The GL3000P model is for truck cab mounting.

laser_guidanceLaserLine GL3000PM Paint Striping Guidance Laser with Manual Adjust

The GL3000PM Guidance Laser for Paint Striping uses an ultra-high visibility green laser to establish visual line control in highway paint striping for asphalt pavers, road wideners, and pavement profiles. The GL3000PM is particularly effective for gun carriage alignment on paint striping trucks.

3002-0001 ASSY, FINAL PMC LASERLaserLine GL3000PMC Wing-Tow Plow Guidance Laser

The GL3000PMC Wing-Tow Plow Guidance Laser is another product in the LaserLine product family. The guidance laser is the safer way to plow; reducing dame caused by wing strikes by utilizing an ultra-bright green laser-spot to establish a wing plow or tow plow trailing edge location. The laser spot appears on the road ahead of the truck in the driver’s normal field of view. The GL3000PMC laser is electronically designed for both cold and hot weather operations, so it can be used in the warmer months for alignment much like the GL3000PM on paint striping trucks.

LaserLine GL3000PMC

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