OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains From MS Foster & Associates, Inc.

Why Choose OnSpot

OnSpot is the original creator of automatic tire chains and have over 40 years of development and experience in the automatic chain market. As the original automatic tire chain, OnSpot is known for their reliability, and quality being manufactured in the USA.

Benefits of Automatic Tire Chains

Automatic tire chains offer the same benefits of traditional tire chains without the need to get out of the cab to throw chains. With the flip of an in-cab switch, automatic tire chains use an air cylinder to deploy a chain wheel that continuously throws chain strands under the tires while the vehicle is in motion. The ability to activate automatic tire chains while on the move saves the driver time and keeps them off the side of the road with the danger of passing vehicles.

Are Automatic Tire Chains Legal?

OnSpot is recognized as a single set of chains in all states with chain control areas in the United States and are DOT approved.

Will OnSpot Fit My Vehicle?

OnSpot will fit on vehicles from ½ ton pickup trucks to class 8 tractor-trailers. OnSpot will not fit on every vehicle so for specific fitment information please call us at 219-879-9225 for more information.

Will OnSpot Work if Your Vehicle Does Not Have On-Board Air?

Auxiliary air kits are available for vehicles that are not equipped with air brakes, air suspension or have access to on-board air. For more information please call us at 219-879-9225.