Zorg North America: “Vehicle Upfitter Solutions for All Heavy-Duty Vehicles”

Zorg North America specializes in OEM integration of camera systems, stand-alone camera and proximity sensor systems, and a range of “Upfitter” harness/body adapter harnesses.

OEM Integration

Using Zorg’s specially designed OEM integration harnesses it is now possible to use the factory display in a medium-duty build. Whether it’s a Cab & Chassis build or a Bed Take-Off, Zorg has a harness available to utilize the factory display for your aftermarket rearview camera.

Harnesses are available for Ford, GM, Nissan, RAM and Toyota Vehicles.

Camera & Sensor Systems

Zorg offers a wide range of camera systems and components to give you the view you need while safely operating a commercial vehicle. The assistance of proximity sensor to the front and rear of a vehicle giving the operator more information on the obstructions that may be surrounding a vehicle.

Body Adapter Harnesses

A great option for vehicle upfitters, the Zorg body adapter harnesses make adding a service body onto a truck a plug-and-play operation. With harnesses available for all the popular body manufacturers including Reading, Knapheide, and CM Body there is sure to be a harness to make your installation easier, faster and more professional.

Harnesses are available for Ford, GM and RAM vehicles.

Trailer Solutions

Zorg offers a variety of solutions for medium duty trucks that are looking to add a camera to a trailer such as a utility trailer, travel trailer, horse trailer and more. With factory integration, Zorg offers plug-and-play solutions that do not require any splicing or cutting of wires. Their automatic camera switcher detects when a trailer camera is connected and switches the display to the trailer mounted camera.

Harnesses available for Ford, GM, Ram and Toyota.