Insta-Chain is an automatic ice chain deployment system, ideal for icy, snowy roads and providing instant traction with the flip of a switch. The Insta-Chain system operates effectively in snow depths of 4-8 inches of snow and deploys in about two seconds. The automatic ice chain system is accepted in all states with chain laws and regulations and is well suited for half ton through class eight vehicles.

From small trucks to emergency vehicles, municipal to semis, and utility to rural delivery, the Insta-Chain automatic ice chain has a model to meet your needs. The Insta-Chain has two series: one with six strands and another with twelve, doubling the frequency of chain placement. The twelve strand model provides you with twice the traction at minimum speeds of only 3 to 3.5 mph, while all 6 strand models require a minimum speed of 5 to 6 mph. The individually replaceable strands are mounted to a rub wheel with greasable bearings.

Automatic ice chains, Insta-Chains, have powder coated air cylinders with chrome plated clamp and hex shaft for protection against corrosion. The tightly sealed rubber boot prevents road chemicals from entering into the air cylinder.



The Insta-Chain automatic ice chains were designed with all-square chain links for superior traction; as a result, they are also 30 percent more wear resistant than traditional chain links. These automatic ice chains, made from carbon manganese hardened alloy steel, are easily engaged or disengaged as needed – prolonging the life of the chain.



The automatic ice chains can be engaged between 5 and 25 mph and can be disengaged at any time or speed. For instant traction at your command, Insta-Chains work best when deployed while moving, before slippage occurs. Whether you are going forward or backwards, Insta-Chain is designed to offer you the traction you need to get where you are going.

Keep out of the ditch with the flip of a switch. Contact MS Foster today to find out if Insta-Chain automatic ice chains will work for your vehicle.