CameraWash System in NEMA Box – Camera Cleaning System – MSF1128-12A

  • Complete Camera Washing System
  • High Pressure Fluid & Air
  • Expandable Easily Expandable
  • Compatible with All Camera Brands
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MS Foster’s CameraWash System is a one of a kind option for those looking to get those most out of their vehicle mounted camera and sensor systems. Combining high pressure washer fluid and high pressure air to offer a powerful wash spray. This non-contact, non-abrasive method of cleaning is compatible with all camera brands. Controlled with an in-cab rocker switch, CameraWash allows you to clean your vehicles cameras or sensors whenever they need it. CameraWash not only cleans your camera’s but also has the ability to provide an air blast alone. Being able to choose between a wash and dry cycle allows you to remove dry debris such as dust without using washer fluid and also allows you a spot free finish after running the wash cycle. All controlled by one rocker switch, simply press the switch up for wash and down for dry.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Tubing Kit Length

30 Ft., 50 Ft.


  • Polycarbonate NEMA Box
  • 1 Gallon Washer Fluid Reservoir
  • 30′ or 50′ Tubing Kit
  • CameraWash Nozzle & Mounting Bracket
  • All Necessary Hardware for Installation
  • Stainless Steel Camera Box Recommended (See Options Below)



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