CamWash Universal Nozzle Assembly (Fluid Only)

  • Fluid only nozzle
  • Non-abrasive camera cleaning
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The CameraWash Universal Nozzle Assembly is a versatile and easy to install way of keeping your vehicle camera’s clean. The extended length nozzle offers unlimited adjustability with a 360° rotating nozzle head and 360° rotating spray nozzle. With the most adjustability possible you can make the most of the high pressure blast of washer fluid.

Being a fluid only nozzle, the CameraWash Universal Nozzle Assembly is an easy addition to any vehicle on the road with a current windshield washer system. This kit includes the extended length universal nozzle, two (2) mounting screws and a fluid “T” fitting. Combine this with a fluid tubing kit for a quick and easy install on any vehicle.


  • Universal Nozzle Assembly
  • Fluid “T” Fitting
  • (2) Mounting Screws



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