GL3000P Paint Striping Laser (Remote Controlled Adjustment)

Skew: GL3000P

  • Remote controlled adjustment
  • On-Road laser spot
  • Cab-Mounted
  • Keep your eyes on the road


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With in-cab adjustment, the driver can be in complete control of setting their preferred reference point on the road surface. The GL3000P keeps keeps the drivers eyes focused on the road ahead rather than on a screen or their mirrors by projecting a the laser spot approximately 30 feet ahead of the vehicle. Being cab-mounted, the GL3000P is capable of assisting the operator with lane markings on either sides of the vehicle.

Get more consistent, more accurate lines with the ability to adjust your reference point on the fly to account for curves in the road or other obstructions. Increase operator safety eliminating the the need for extra monitors, leading to the driver taking their eyes off the road. Reduce equipment damage by eliminating the need to hang booms or other attachments off of the truck in vulnerable places.


  • GL3000P cab-mounted guidance laser
  • 25′ Waterproof control cable
  • Control Panel
  • Laser Enhancement Glasses
  • Owner/Operators Manual



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