Insta-Chain Automatic Snow Chain System

  • Replaceable Chain Strands
  • Greaseable Components
  • Pewag Starwave Chain
  • 6 & 12 Chain Options
  • Spark Resistant Chains Available
  • DOT Accepted

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Insta-Chain is the top choice for drivers who are tired of getting out of their truck and throwing chains on the side of the road in miserable conditions.

Insta-Chain’s automatic tire chain system stands out from the rest with it’s reliability, serviceability, longevity and and traction. The Insta-Chain system comes with a greaseable chain wheel and a 100% greaseable pivot arm to prevent premature wear and failure. Unlike the competition, this system also benefits from individually replaceable chain strands. If you ever need to replace a chain Insta-Chain offers the ability to replace only the damaged chain saving you the cost of replacing the entire chain wheel. This ease of maintenance and replacement parts is carried on throughout the entire product. Replacement parts are available from Chains to Air Cylinder and every piece in between.

Additional options from Insta-Chain include a 6-chain and 12-chain variation, spark resistant chains, and compressor and accumulator kits for vehicles that are not equipped with onboard air.

With over 30-years experience building automatic snow chain systems, Insta-Chain is the best choice to keep you moving during the worst conditions.

Each system is built to order and based on measurements from the vehicle that it will be mounted on. This guarantees proper fitment out of the box taking into account any potential clearance issues and vehicle specific mounting brackets.


  • Kit includes everything needed for one (1) axle on a vehicle
    • Air Cylinders
    • Truck Specific Mounting Brackets
    • Necessary Hardware
    • Air Fittings
    • Wiring Harness
    • In-Cab Switch

(Systems for vehicles without onboard air will also include an accumulation tank, compressor and necessary hardware.)



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