Rostra SourcePWR – Intelligent Power Supply

  • Intelligent Power Supply
  • Instant Switched Power
  • Two Programming Modes
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Avoid the hassle and headache of installing aftermarket accessories into your vehicle. Finding a source for switched power is getting more difficult in modern vehicles and can turn what should be an easy job a time consuming project. Rostra’s SourcePWR gives you an instant switched power source even when connecting the device directly to your vehicles battery avoiding the need for a multi-meter or other testing equipment.

With 2-modes and 3-functions SourcePWR is more than just an easy power connection for your devices. SourcePWR also has programmable power-off delay mode allowing you to feed power to an accessory after the vehicle has been turned off for as long as 90 minutes. Also included in the features is a “Battery Saver” mode that detects battery voltage after the vehicle has been turned off. “Battery Saver” mode detects when your battery reaches 11.5 Volts and cuts power to the SourcePWR device allowing you enough voltage to start your vehicle again.


  • SourcePWR Module
  • Instruction Sheet



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