Voyager Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – DVR8200

  • Up To 8 Camera Inputs
  • SD Card Backup
  • Secure Access to Saved Files
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Having the ability to record and organize the footage captured by your vehicle mounted camera systems is getting more important by the day. Voyager’s DVR8200 has you covered with the ability to record footage from up to eight (8) camera inputs so that you never miss an important incident.

The use of DVRs has grown tremendously in the past few years as a method of saving data from important incidents that occur on the road. Whether it be for insurance purposes, training or for legal reasons Voyager’s DVR8200 can handle any task you throw at it. Being capable of recording up to eight (8) camera inputs you can record data from the cameras that are used for safer operation and cameras set up specifically to capture areas of the vehicle where incidents are most likely to take place.

The DVR8200 from Voyager offers 256GB of memory along with a SD card backup. The unit has a lockable access panel so that saved recordings can only be accessed by authorized users to ensure integrity of data.


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