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Roadwatch Field Calibration Unit

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Roadwatch Field Calibration Unit

RoadWatch® is a patented system used to indicate both surface (road) and air temperatures. The RoadWatch® sensor is a type of infrared (IR) temperature measuring device. IR temperature sensors work by detecting the amount of thermal energy given off by an object in its field of view. As a camera picks up the intensity and color of light to recreate an image, an IR detector must ‘see’ its target. The IR intensity is related to the both the target temperature and its surface type or ‘emissivity’ as viewed by the sensor. The sensors are made from very stable components and should require only occasional verification that the indications are still within specification.

The RoadWatch® Field Calibration Unit (FCU) has been designed to minimize measurement errors by comprising a complete and easy to use test environment. All the key pieces to provide a repeatable and accurate sensor validation are included. The target surface, viewing area, and distance are held constant within the test fixture. The sensors and calibrator target are fixed in place in a thermally stable environment. Since the system is not dependent on external control, errors from power consuming modules, electronic circuit drift, and oscillation prone feedback networks are minimal. Instead, the FCU utilizes a factory calibrated and certified temperature sensor, a solid heat-holding block, and a digital processor to automatically execute the calibration.

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