DockParkAssistant.JPGDock Assist (Truck Dock Distance Sensor – Model DockView 16) takes the guesswork out of backing into loading docks.

With the unique DockView truck dock distance sensor, you can reduce truck dock damage and trailer ICC bumper damage, while increasing backup safety and loading dock safety. With Dock Assist, you really can cut down on repair bills, vehicle downtime, and dock repairs.

The DockView truck dock distance sensor provides a clear readout of distance in feet of truck to the dock, or other parking space. Displaying large, bright, 5-inch LED numbers that are visible at night, in fog, and in low-light conditions, the DockView backup sensing device makes parking in a confined space easier. Ultrasonic sensors mounted below the lift gate on the loading dock sense the rear of the truck within 16 ft.

If you drive a truck or manage a loading dock, you simply must have this truck dock distance sensor. With it, you can reduce truck dock damage and trailer ICC bumper damage, as well as improve loading dock safety and backup safety.

Truck Dockview Parking Assistant


Truck Dockview Specifications

  • Controller/Display, Mechanical: 7-1/8″H x 7-1/8″W x 2-3/8″ D
  • Adjustment: distance offset control
  • Adjusts the distance offset from sensor to the bumper or rear of the truck
  • Sensors: 2″H x 3″ W x 1-1/2″ D
  • Detection range: 0 to 16 feet, 34 degree horizontal, 17 degree vertical
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 140 degrees F
  • Input Power required: 120 Volts AC @ .25 Amps
  • The control is protected with an automatic reset fuse inside the control box