Bee Line Space Saver Ramp System

  • 24″ and 30″ Heights Available
  • Raiseable Ramps
  • Maximize Shop Space

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Bee Line’s Space Saver system was designed to make alignment racks more accessible to more shops.

The Space Saver ramp system is designed to take up less floor space than traditional ramp style alignment racks by reducing the number of flat runway sections needed. The Space Saver accomplishes this with a ramp section that can be raised and lowered extending the usable space of your alignment rack. The moveable section of the ramp is 16′ in length allowing for a shallow approach angle for trucks with low front bumpers and making it easier to clear garage door openings.

Bee Line’s Space Saver is a great way to get trucks off the ground so that the alignment techs have more room to work and can be more efficient. Raising a truck off the floor also opens up the opportunity for axle adjustment if necessary using Bee Line’s variety of axle correcting tools.


  • 45″ x 19″ removeable runway sections
    • 45″ x 25″ runways available
  • Hydraulic ramp to reduce overall footprint
  • 24″ or 30″ ramp heights available
  • Lifting Length: 16′



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