RearView Systems Commercial Duty 7″ Monitor

  • 3 Camera Inputs
  • LED Backlit LCD Screen
  • 10G Vibration Rating
  • Built-In Speaker
  • 5-Year Warranty


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If you are looking for a crystal clear image in a monitor that offers a larger display, Rearview’s STM7000DM is for you.

This monitor includes LED backlighting for both the LCD display screen and the control buttons on the front of the monitor. Also helping with the clarity of the display on this monitor are the over 337,000 pixels making sure that you see even the finest details and giving you the complete picture.

Another great feature of the STM7000DM is the ability to view multiple cameras, up to three (3), on one monitor. To go along with multiple camera inputs, Rearview Systems has also included three (3) trigger wires so that you can automatically display the desired camera when shifting into reverse, engaging a turn signal or other functions.



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