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AlphaTherm™ Windshield Cleaning System

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Are you sick of frost, ice, snow, road film and stubborn bug stains obstructing your vision while driving? Maybe you need a better windshield cleaning system!

AlphaThermTM is a unique washer fluid heating system that heats the windshield washer fluid as it is passes onto the wiper blades. It provides hot fluid ‘on demand’ to more effectively remove frost, ice, salt solution and road film – and also assist in removing bugs from the windshield.

Icy or frosty windows? No patience? AlphaThermTM is the ideal windshield defroster. When your car’s primary windshield defroster just isn’t working fast enough, speed it up – with hot stuff from the AlphaThermTM washer fluid heater. It truly is the better windshield cleaning system.

AlphaThermTM can be retrofitted to any vehicle that has a factory washer system already in use. The system is easy to install and offers outstanding windshield cleaning performance in all weather conditions.


  • Clear road vision during all seasons, with increased safety of cars, trucks, RV’s, buses, SUV’s and heavy duty vehicles.
  • Easy to follow installation instructions and all mounting hardware included with the kit.
  • The AlphaThermTM washer fluid heating system is protected from overheating if the washer fluid reservoir becomes empty.
  • The AlphaThermTM windshield washer fluid heater provides hot fluid to clear the windshield 30 seconds after vehicle start-up.
  • Sequential sprays of hot fluid are available every 20 seconds.
  • Strenuous windshield scraping is virtually eliminated with this innovative heated washer fluid system, a real bonus for vehicles with high, hard to reach windshields!

Ideal for

  • Public Works Departments, Fire and Rescue equipment, and Police vehicles
  • Plow Trucks and Snow Fighting equipment, and Pickup trucks evaluating road conditions
  • Buses and Public Transportation Vehicles, Semi Tractor Cabs, and most other vehicles

AlphaThermTM is a compact and effective windshield cleaning system. It uses a windshield washer fluid heating system to raise the temperature of the washer fluid to 150°F (maximum). Simply mount the unit in the engine compartment, route and plug the washer tubing into the unit, and connect the cables to your battery. AlphaThermTM begins to heat the washer fluid immediately after starting the vehicle, and turns off automatically when the ignition is switched off. 30 seconds after vehicle start-up, a 3-second burst of hot washer fluid is available every 20 seconds to aid in clearer visibility while driving.

If you’re looking for a truly effective windshield cleaning system, AlphaThermTM windshield washer fluid heater is the ideal solution.

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