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RoadWatch Road Surface Temperature Sensors

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RoadWatch Road Surface Temperature Sensors From MS Foster & Associates, Inc.

RoadWatch, road surface temperature sensor
Road surface temperature sensors from RoadWatch Bullet use state-of-the-art infrared measuring, which assures accurate, real-time road surface temperature information critical to proper deployment of anti-icing and de-icing materials. With RoadWatch Bullet, the pavement temperature sensors create an alert of existing hazardous conditions for driver safety.

The RoadWatch Bullet, formerly the RoadWatch SS Road Temperature Measuring System, can accurately detect a one-degree change in road surface temperature in one-tenth of a second. An early warning system using pavement temperature sensors within the RoadWatch Bullet system alerts the driver when the road surface temperature dips below 37 degrees Fahrenheit. RoadWatch Bullet’s pavement temperature sensor system was originally developed to assist highway and public works departments determine when and where to apply road treatment chemicals, however, this innovative road surface temperature sensor can benefit all drivers and improve highway safety.

The road surface temperature sensor system, road surface temperature sensor, RoadWatch BulletRoadWatch Bullet, is already in use throughout North America and Europe. The pavement temperature sensor system uses its unique, early warning road and temperature sensors to tell city and highway departments along with airport officials when to treat road surfaces if hazardous driving conditions are created using the unique infrared temperature sensor to monitor road and pavement surface temperatures.

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RoadWatch Bullet provides users with an unmatched reliability, approved performance of road treatment chemicals, while providing constant feedback on road surface temperature conditions. The road surface temperature sensor system can operate alone or can be integrated into other vehicle controls with easy installation. To protect the sensors monitoring the road surface temperature, the sensor is fully enclosed and has been environmentally tested to provide durability under extremely cold temperatures. The pavement temperature sensor operates in conditions from -40 to 150ºF.


If you already own a RoadWatch SS pavement temperature measuring system, the new RoadWatch Road surface temperature sensors offer backward compatibility, allowing you to purchase the sensor to connect with your existing cables, connectors, displays and converters. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest road surface temperature sensors without the added cost of a complete road temperature system.

Road Watch® Bullet is Designed for Zero Maintenance. Road Watch® Bullet is The Cost Effective Answer

Road Watch® Bullet Technical Specifications:

  • Road Accuracy:
    • ±2°F (23 to 41°F Ambient)
    • ±6°F (-40 to 23°F, 41 to 131°F Ambient)
  • Air Accuracy: ±2°F (-40 to 131°F)
  • Repeatability: ±2°F
  • Emissivity: Factory calibrated at 0.96
  • Field of View Angle: 15°
  • Operating Voltage: nominal 12 VDC (vehicle power)
  • Current Requirement: 0.05 Amp
  • System Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to + 150°F
  • Sensor Sample Rate: 10 samples per second
  • Display Response Time: 1/2 second, immediate peak response
  • Weight: Sensor, 11 oz., Display, 3 oz.
  • Vibration: 4 g’s two axis, Sensor and Display
  • Relative Humidity: 95% Non-condensing
  • Shock: 100 g’s I/R sensor element

Road Watch® Bullet Accessories

road surface temperature sensor cable12 Volt Quick Connect Power Cable

  • P/N MSF 3269-00
  • Fuse protected Display; quick connect cable. Color-coded
  • Bullet terminals with strain relief locate over power studs
  • Opposite end stripped and tined. Length: 6 ft.

road surface temperature sensor cable12 Volt Vehicle Power Cable

  • P/N MSF 270-1559
  • Plugs into cigarette receptacle for quick installations
  • Color coded bullet terminals with strain relief locate over
  • Power studs providing positive attachment. Length: 8 ft

road surface temperature sensors cableSuction Cup Window Mount

  • P/N MSF 3275-00
  • Alternate mounting for Trucks or Cars.
  • Compact Sensor mounting with quick release tabs.
  • Provides instant system attachment

pavement temperature sensor vehicle mountMagnetic Mount

  • P/N MSF 3291-00
  • Alternate mounting for Trucks or Cars.
  • Compact Sensor mounting.
  • Provides instant system attachment.

RoadWatch road surface temperature sensors bracketSensor Mounting Bracket

  • P/N MSF 112-0040-000
  • Alternate mounting for trucks.
  • Sensor mounting for behind the sleeper or on the frame.

Sensor Mounting Bracket

  • P/N MSF A2771-25
  • Bracket for larger C loop tubes.

roadwatch surface temperature sensorMini “C” Mount

  • P/N MSF GB-12
  • Alternate mounting for trucks or cars.
  • Stainless steel, 11 inches long x 2 inches deep.

surface temperature sensor RoadWatchDisplay Mounting Bracket

  • P/N MSF 6881
  • Standard “L” instrument mounting bracket.
  • For top of dash or bottom edge of dash installation

surface temperature sensors RoadWatchDisplay Mounting Pedestal

  • P/N MSF 9925
  • Display sets inside molded pedestal for enclosed
  • Dash top installation. All hardware included.

surface temperature sensors from RoadWatchSensor Flat Mount

  • P/N MSF 0140007000

road surface temperature sensor RoadWatchRS232 Adapter Box

  • P/N MSF 8490099000

Adapter Cables

  • M8 – EDAC Adapter Cable, MSF4340104000

pavement temperature sensor cablesExtension Cables

  • 4 foot Extension Cable, MSF4340100002
  • 12 foot Extension Cable, MSF4340100000
  • 1.5 foot Extension Cable, MSF4341100015
  • 16 foot Extension Cable, MSF4340100001
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