The road striping laser guide, LaserLine walk behind paint striping laser (model number GL1000), aids line crews in municipalities, cities, counties, and state roadway departments avoid costly problems often associated with paint striping. The road striping laser guide eliminates the need for crew members to pull string lines and chalk lines to mark spots for parking lots and roadways. The walk behind paint striping laser helps departments and striping companies save valuable time and resources.

The Laserline road striping laser guide is OSHA compliant and meets all federal and international standards. The highway paint striping laser system can be operated under the direction of one man, rather than the traditional two man crew often required for road striping. When compared to the two man line pulling crew, the LaserLine paint striping laser pays for itself in a matter of hours.

The road striping laser guides (GL3000PM and GL3000P) provide users with the ability to select their laser line spot with adjustable knobs ideal for positioning the laser line. The paint striping laser has a solid aluminum construction with hard coat anodized finish to keep the system safe from environmental factors. The level vial for vertical plumb adjustment, combined with the universal clamping mound for round or square tubing make the highway paint striping laser adaptable for nearly all walk-behind systems.

The compact and durable highway paint striping laser also comes equipped with an eight-foot power cord with strain relief and weighs in a two pounds. The laser on the road striping guide has 4.5 mW of power, utilized on the green color spectrum, which is the most visible color for the eye to see in all working conditions. The paint striping laser is powered through a 12 or 24 volt DC battery. The paint striping laser can operate in conditions from -40ºFarenheit to 122ºFarenheit.

Road Striping Laser Guide