highway-paint-striping-laser-mountThe GL3000P Paint Striping Guidance Laser with remote in-cab line adjust uses an ultra-high visibility green laser to establish visual line control for the vehicle driver. The GL3000P can be used for highway paint striping by asphalt distributors, road wideners, pavement profilers, or by virtually any application requiring vehicle line control. The GL3000P model is for truck cab mounting.

With the GL3000P Guidance Laser for roadway paint striping, the driver can adjust the laser spot to the desired reference point on the road surface using the remote control panel located in the cab of the vehicle. The laser spot is impacted directly on the road surface approximately 30 feet ahead, showing the driver-operator exactly where the vehicle is in relation to the “on line.” The guidance laser provides a point of reference ahead of the field of view instead of a television screen or boom pointer.


  • Natural driving field of view as the reference point
  • Reduce or eliminate pre-marking and the high cost associated with it
  • Eliminate use of a boom and the bouncing on rough surfaces
  • Safer – paint up to intersections without the worry of injury or damage to people or other vehicles paint-striping-guidance-laser
  • Eliminates having to drive while looking at the television screen rather than the road
  • Reduces problem of “white-out” in low-sun conditions
  • Increases machine maneuverability
  • Reference laser spot further out


  • Laser: 532 nm class IIIa Green laser
  • Power: 12 or 24 volt DC positive or negative ground
  • Power draw: 4.00 Amps (max operating), 0.03 Amps (sleep mode)
  • Laser housing:
    • Height: 7 1/8 “gl3000p
    • Length: 11 3/4 “
    • Housing width: 6 1/4″
    • Base width: 10″
  • Cable length from laser housing to control box: 25′
  • 12-24 volt power cable length from control box: 15′
  • Shipping weight: 25 lbs.
  • Enclosure rating: Waterproof IP68
  • 12 month warranty on parts and labor

To learn more about the GL3000P, watch the product video: