The Valeo Universal Rocker Switch and Column Switch – strong and reliable. They are especially suitable for use in rugged environments. The Valeo Universal Rocker Switch and Column Switch is available in locking and non-locking versions, single and double throw, and single and double pole. The Valeo Universal Rocker Switch and Column Switch is also available for use in 12V and 24V systems.

A. Basic Rocker Switch Types:

The Valeo Catalog offers detailed information on each switch type. The 511 Line of switches is described explicitly and completely. These illustrations apply to 512′s, 516′s 521′s, 523′s and 531′s. Any one of these types can be ordered in any switch configuration, subject to limitations below. Minimum order quantities may apply for a switch with few other users.

LED Lighting can be substituted in any switch configuration. The resulting assembly will be given a custom part number.

Switch Assemblies are most commonly ordered with the desired lens inserted and other configuration changes made as needed in-house. These assemblies are given custom part numbers.

  1. The 511 Line: The basic 511 switches are listed by number in the Valeo Catalog. 511 switches have smooth retaining clips. They are illuminated with incandescent lamps.
  2. The 512 Line: 512 switches are identical to 511 switches except that the retaining clips are corrugated. They are suitable for use under rough conditions where the switch must be firmly fixed in the dash. Switches are not removable from the front.
  3. The 516 Line: 516 switches have corrugated retaining clips like 512’s, but designed to fit Packard-style connectors.
  4. The 521 Line: 521 switches are identical to 511 switches, but have newer ergonomic key design. Lens size is the same as 511 switches. No locking versions are available in 521 switches. They are illuminated with incandescent lamps.
  5. The 523 Line: 523 switches are identical to 521 switches, except for the illumination. They are illuminated with LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs.
  6. The 524 Line: 524 switches are identical to 521 switches, but with corrugated retaining clips. They have the Ergonomic key and illumination is incandescent bulb.
  7. The 531 Line: 531 switches have the Ergonomic key. LED lighting replaces incandescent bulbs. No locking versions are available. Mounting dimensions are the same as the 511 switches, but the 531 switch is less deep than the 511 switch.
  8. The 533 Line: 522 switches are completely restyled. They have unitary keys and laser etched symbols. The mounting dimensions are the same as 511-type., but 533 switches are less deep than 511 switches. 511 series lenses will not fit 533 series switches.

B. Diffusers:

  • Switches sold without lamps are also sold without diffusers, and are labeled “..″ in the catalog.
  • Lighting type “A″ indicates the switch is sold with no diffuser.
  • Lighting type “B″ indicates the switch is sold with a solid diffuser.
  • Lighting type “C″ indicates the switch is sold with a partial or “window″ diffuser.

C. Reflectors:

  • Pilot Lamps are sold with reflectors or without reflectors.

D. Other Accessories:

Mounting Frames, transparent protective covers, and connector housings
are also available. The line includes a thermostat and a pulse generator.

E. Specifications for the Universal Rocker Switch:

  • Electrical performance: From 20 mA to 16 A at 12V. From 20 mA to 8A at 24V.
  • 511 type switches are dust and spray-water protected to IP 67 according to DIN40050.
  • Switches are 48 hour corrosion tested to DIN 50021-SS (socket housing for connection to cable harness excepted.)
  • Switch visual range per E. C. E. Reg. 21.
  • Temperature stability: -40° C to 80° C

F. Lenses for the Valeo Universal Switch:

Standard sized lenses fit Product Line 511 through 531. Lenses are produced in two ways: silk-screened and hand stamped. Lenses may be produced with the symbols rotated in any of four orientations, and in five standard colors and seven non-standard colors. A wide variety of standard international Lens symbols are illustrated in the Valeo Catalog. Lenses for the 533 Product Line will be Laser Etched and symbol lenses will be resized.

G. Custom Lens Design:

Customers may consult M. S. Foster & Associates, Inc. for a list of custom lens icons, orientation and colors for the electric rocker switch and Valeo universal switch options we support. A Non-Recurring Engineering Fee is charged for design services.