Bee Line Optical Frame Correction System – OM8000

  • Heavy Duty Frame Correction
  • Optical Sensor for Improved Accuracy
  • Correct Sway, Sag, Twist and Diamond
  • Centerline Gauging

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Bee Line’s OM8000 Optical Frame Assessment System was designed to make frame damage assessment and correction a more accurate and less time consuming process.

The OM8000 system uses a combination of targets mounted to the frame of the vehicle along with a single camera that references the targets on the frame to determine damaged areas. The OM8000 eliminates the need to set up strings, complicated gauges or risk making errors in calculation allowing for a more precise and calculated process. The system takes vehicle specific data to compare “before” images to factory specs and allows you to reference the specs after uploading the “before” images in a diagnosis software. Having accurate measurement during all steps of the frame correction from initial measurements, dynamic tracking of adjustments being made and final reporting allows for the technician to see changes they are making in real time to avoided unnecessary steps.

With different types of frame conditions such as sway, sag, twist and diamond this frame correction rack has the versatility that you need. The frame rack is available in three sizes (28′, 36′ and 40′) to accommodate any size vehicle that your shop might see. Bee Line also carries a number of different tooling groups so that you can start off with the tools that you need and grow your system as your needs change.


  • Frame correction systems are built to your needs



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