GVM’s Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems are multi-functional liquid de-icer dispensing systems designed to pre-wet truck loads of solid de-icing materials. Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems allow you to pre-wet multiple truckloads and multiple trucks with only one dispensing system. Pedestal systems are also capable of loading and unloading truck-mounted pre-wet tanks, returning the liquid de-icer to bulk storage tanks, and draining tanks for end-of-season maintenance.


  • Adjustable height spray bar
  • Centrifugal pump, rated flow up to 60 GPM
  • Post-mounted control box
  • Hot dip galvanized steel to meet ASTM specification A123 on base, main body and spray arm


  • Fixed base system or freestanding systems
  • Storage tank sizes: 300-10,000 gal.
  • Dusk-to-dawn light
  • Tank Plumbing to Dispensing Package
  • Remote control for ease of operation
  • Linear actuator, for mechanical spray arm adjustment
  • Electric ball valve to prevent tank siphoning


Designed to pre-wet granular material at the spinner, GVM’s Truck-Mounted Pre-Wet Systems are built on the heaviest duty frames in the industry for extended durability. Truck-Mounted Pre-Wet Systems are ideal for Departments of Transportation, municipalities, townships, and landscapers. With a variety of sizes and mounting options, this pre-wet system can be customized to fit virtually any truck.

Truck-Mounted Pre-Wet systems are available with hydraulic or electric pump units, a cab-mounted controller, a hot-dip galvanized steel carrier, weatherproof polyethylene pump housing, and all the necessary wiring and plumbing for quick and easy installation.


  • Frame mounted: 35-65 gal. available
  • Chassis mounted: 60-240 gal. available
  • V-Box mounted: 30-450 gal. available
  • Tailgate mounted: 30-135 gal. available


  • Accurately and consistently dispenses all common pre-wet liquids
  • Cab mounted controller
  • Hot dip galvanized steel carrier
  • Weather proof polyethylene pump housing
  • Hydraulic or electric pump


truck mounted pre-wet


Tanks are mounted on two formed channel galvanized or powder coated steel L-brackets attached to the truck frame, behind the truck cab and under the dump body.

Available in: 35, 55, and 65 gallon sizes.

Pump unit is mounted on the side of the dump body providing protection and easy access.



Tanks are mounted between the cab and dump body with steel framing and help in place with a nylon strap.

Available in 60, 80, 90, and or 120 gallon sizes.

Pump units can be mounted on the side of the dump body or between the cab and dump body providing protection and easy access for inspection and service.


The reservoir tank and pump system are mounted on a hot dip galvanized steel carrier attached to the tailgate of salt spreader trucks. The steel carrier is constructed of hot rolled steel and is designed for quick installations and removal from the tailgate using four pull-pins. The carrier also incorporates a lifting eye into the design to facilitate easy installation and removal of the system needed.

Tanks are available in 30, 70, 100, and 135 gallon sizes.


Tanks are triangular in cross-section and are made to fit the angle of V-Box hoppers. Tanks are made of rotationally molded high density, UV Stabilized polyethylene, and are designed to hold material with a specific gravity of 16 pounds per gallon. V-Box units can be set-up for single or dual tank application.

V-Box units can be set-up for single or dual tank application. In dual tank applications, the tanks are plumbed together to that the solutions are drawn evenly from the tanks to maintain a proper weight distribution.

Tanks are available in 30, 60, 70, 100, 140, 200, 280, and 400 gallon sizes.


Hydraulic driven systems are designed to dispense liquid pre-wet materials onto granular de-icing materials and abrasives with a hydraulic driven pump. The hydraulic driven pump is coupled in series to the dry material spreader auger providing a consistent ration or liquid-to-dry material. These systems will operate in conjunction with ground speed or manual spreader controls providing a linear chemical flow at vehicle speeds ranging from 3-50 mph. They will operate in auger reverse without any backpressure on the spreader system components. All liquid handling components are resistant to the effects of standard de-icing liquids and proven reliability.

Electric driven systems utilize an electric variable speed driven pump designed to apply liquid de-icers to granular material being dispensed from a tailgate mounted spreader. The flow rate is manually adjustable by the operator from the in-cab controls.


Norwesco, Inc. is the leading North American manufacturer of select rotationally molded polyethylene tanks. Norwesco was founded in 1939 in St. Paul, Minnesota with the name of Northwest Plastics, Inc. The name was changed around 1973, and was then was ranked as one of the oldest and largest plastic processors in the United States.

Norwesco maintains the highest levels of product quality and customer service. Their objective is to continue to provide these valued traits to the customer to maintain a position as the industry leader in the polyethylene tank market.

PLEASE NOTE: Tank availability may vary. Tank dimensions and capacities may vary slightly, and are subject to change without notice. Anti-icing systems are available specific size tanks—call for details /or quotes.


White or Blue Vertical Storage Tanks are most frequently used for our Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems. Norwesco vertical tanks feature tie-down slots, built-in graduated gallon indicators, an offset fill-opening and a self-vented, slosh-proof lid.


Horizontal leg tanks are used primarily for anti-icing applications within the snow industry, Norwesco’s leg tanks feature molded-in legs that act as “baffles″ to help to reduce sloshing.


Drain_Leg_1010g_1024x461DRAINABLE LEG TANK

When complete drainage is necessary, you would want to choose these tanks. They are designed primarily for use on fertilizer and chemical nurse trailers.

All Norwesco drainable tanks require full length bottom support as well as support bands.