Bee Line Self-Centering Wheel Mounts – LC4195B.1

  • Self-Centering
  • Sturdy Mount
  • Compatible with Stud-Piloted Wheels
    • “Budd” Wheels
  • Works with Bee Line Alignment Heads

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The LC4195B.1, or “Budd Mount”, wheel mount is a self-centering mounting bracket for the laser alignment heads.

The self-centering feature guarantees that your laser heads give you and accurate reading from the correct location. These mounts also allow for complete movement of the wheel and tire for checking runout, steering stops and more along with allowing free movement in the alignment heads. With quick and easy adjustment the LC4195B.1 is easy to take on and off any stud piloted or “Budd” wheel.

With over 100-years in the alignment space, Bee Line knows what it takes to align a commercial vehicle and provides products that are built to stand up to the test of time.


  • (1) Pair of self-centering wheel mounts



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